Contract Manufacturing

Specialist formulation through to branding, packing, marketing and sales support"

Kemsol specialises in contract manufacturing and dedicates significant resource to research and development for all current brand products and associated new product formulations. Our flexibility and commitment is shown in an expanding number of Brand Partner and contract manufacturing programs"

Kemsol can contract manufacture to your specification with existing or new product formulations.  Our contract services include bulk supply, to a fully integrated packaging, branding, labelling, packing, marketing, sales training and support programs.


The key to Kemsol's partnering strategy is our ability to consult and communicate well at all business levels and provide expert advice to business units based on a keen understanding of tactics to achieve commercial success. Balancing and adapting strategy and being “tuned-in” to changing partner strategies and an expanding number of technical and non-technical stakeholders is a challenge we pride ourselves on. Contact us today for a custom solution.