Food Service

“The first thing a restaurant customer looks at when they sit down is the cleanliness of the glassware, then the cutlery… ”

A restaurant’s cleaning-heart is its automatic dish and glass wash process. Not only do we need an eagle-eye on the key touch-points of cutlery, glass ware and crockery but also ensuring these are delivered at optimal cost, with maximum food and staff safety. Kemsol have over 60 combined years experience in the art of  successful warewash and their national teams are dedicated to thoroughly assessing and developing all elements of a successful cleaning program – from rafters to drains. Our customer aim is for the lowest and safest possible cost per wash in the New Zealand market, in a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to site assessment, testing and ongoing improvements. Talk to your Kemsol representative today about a free, no-obligation site audit.

Citrus Kleen

Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner Sanitiser



Descale Part A

Scale Softening & Removal Agents

Descale Part B

Scale Softening & Removal Agents

Express S.R.

Heavy Duty Cleaner

Express Sani

Detergent / Sanitiser


Perfumed Flowing Hand Soap


Automatic Dish & Glass Washing Liquid


Automatic Dish & Glass Washing Liquid

Green Pine