"21 years on, the same passion and ideas are evident in the way
  we run the company today."

Like all good Kiwi companies, Chemical Solutions was started with an idea, by someone who was passionate about making it happen. In our case the man was Peter Vaughan (our founding Chemist) and the idea was to develop products for the fleet industry that met their needs better than other imported products. He pulled his family around him to help manufacture, and so the business began.

  • We believe strongly in innovation, and the need to develop products that meet our customers' needs. We have a very productive R & D lab, with chemists on hand to monitor our manufacturing quality and compliance standards.
  • Family values are very much at the core of what we do - some of Pete's extended family are still involved in the business.
  • Our Staff share a passion to be the best - whether manufactoring, customer service, sales or accounts.
  • We all see our customers as our most important partners in the business. While this is an easy thing to say, we genuinely believe it and work hard to make sure our customers have a voice in every decision we make.

We have come a long way in 21 years, today we operate from a purpose-built manufacturing facility near Auckland International Airport. Our facility was one of the first new manufacturing plants in the country to be granted a Site Certificate under HSNO. Combined with our dedication and drive to get things done efficiently and on-time helps ensure high quality of the operation.