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Kemsol understands that Health & Safety training is one of the most crucial things for staff to undertake in a workplace, but often the most forgotten and difficult to implement. To combat this, Kemsol have developed an online, hands-on learning experience that makes learning more dynamic and enjoyable.

Compatible for desktop or portable mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, training is no longer restricted to the the office or the computer, making on-site training a breeze.

Cleaning Chemical Safety & Awareness: SAe

With a commitment to enhance training for better chemical safety and handling around the workplace, Kemsol has a dedicated online Safety & Awareness training module (SAe). This program can be arranged to be completed on suitable frequencies to suit individual customers' training requirements or to be used as part of their Health & Safety induction plans. Operations characterised by high staff turnover, or where the cleaning and sanitising function is critical to ongoing business success, make best use of the training module.

Kemsol's Safety & Awareness training module covers chemical basics, storage, precautions for use, emergency procedures and detailed segments focusing on compliance, workplace hazards and HSNO pictogram classifications.

To find out more about SAe and how it could help your workplace, check out our informative media flyer here:

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