What Is Kemsol Green?

Environmentally responsible or 'green' products are of particular interest to many of our customers today. We have responded to this need by creating Kemsol Green products, a subsidiary specialist green cleaning & hygiene brand, manufactured in NZ. Born in 2006, the brand satisfied the need for differentiating a select group of new environmentally responsible, criteria-based formulations, as well as creating a sensible home for products acquiring Eco Choice Aotearoa licensing.* Kemsol Green simply represents a safer approach to commercial and institutional cleaning, with products made to the very highest environmentally responsible standards in NZ.

Wherever you see this logo, you can trust that the product has passed a set of stringent and measurable standards; that they are friendly and safe - both to the environment and to users.

Environmentally Safe

  • Biodegradability 
    All Kemsol Green products are biodegradable. They have been formulated using only surfactants which are aerobically biodegradable under the ‘European Union database for detergent Ingredients’ or meet OECD surfactant biodegradability test requirements. 
  • Eco-toxicity 
    Many cleaning products ultimately end up in waste water systems. Kemsol Green products have been designed to have low aquatic toxicity levels and are not ecotoxic to aquatic life under the HSNO Act as per subclasses 9.1a and 9.1B.
  • Low/No Phosphates 
    Phosphates are harmful to slow moving waterways as they can promote algal growth. In New Zealand, most phosphates entering waterways come from agricultural run-off. Kemsol Green products have been formulated to contain no more than 0.5% (by weight) of elemental phosphorous.
  • Prohibited Ingredients 
    In order to make them environmentally safer, the following ingredients are not used in Kemsol Green products: Chelating agents such as EDTA or NTA, Reactive Chlorine compounds such as Sodium Hypochlorite, organic carriers of Chlorine such as Triclosan, Chlorinated solvents, Optical Brighteners, Alkyphenol Ethoxylates, Ethylene Glycol Ethers, Quaternary Ammonium Salts.
  • Preservatives 
    Preservatives / Biocides are included in formulations only to extend the products’ shelf life - not for any antimicrobial cleaning benefit.
  • Dyes Dyes are important to differentiate products for end user health and safety. Only colourings that have been approved as food additives are used in Kemsol Green products.
  • Fragrances 
    Any fragrance used in a Kemsol Green product is used in accordance with the International Fragrance Association “code of practice”.
  • Packaging
    Often one of the greatest factors impacting the environment, all the packaging used for Kemsol Green products can be reused or recycled. Labels are designed so they can be easily removed for recycling.

Human Safety

  • Human Toxicity 
    Kemsol Green products have been formulated to have a low hazard profile for end users. They are not classified as toxic as per the following HSNO subclasses: 6.1A, 6.1B, 6.1C, 6.5, 6.6, 6.7, 6.8, 6.9A.
  • Human Risk 
    The products are not classed as corrosive under HSNO regulations subclasses: 8.1A, 8.2B, 8.2C; nor are they flammable under HSNOregulations subclasses: 3.1A, 3.1B, 3.1C, 3.1D. the products are not oxidisers under HSNO regulations Class 5.
  • Indoor Air Quality 
    Materials used in some cleaning products are often volatile and can lower the air quality of indoor areas. When diluted correctly kemsol green products do not contain substances that contribute significantly to poor indoor air quality. Voc emissions comply with formulation standards specified by the USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Green Cleaning

Put simply "green cleaning" refers to “cleaning to protect health without harming the environment”. Kemsol Green products embody not just the chemical products, but equipment, procedures, policies and training. As part of our progressive Green policies, all parts of the manufacturing process are sustainable, from raw materials and formulations, all the way to packaging.

For a full explanation of our environmental standards, please ask us for a copy of “Kemsol Green Environmental Criteria”.

*Licensed Products

For additional endorsement of Kemsol Green, we are proud to partner with Eco Choice Aotearoa, a trusted, independent third-party Green licensing programme, that assesses and rates various aspects of a business, or specific products on sustainability, environmental safety and performance. Creating products that are Eco Choice Aotearoa licensed means that you can breathe easy, knowing that you’re using verified guilt-free, quality and compliant Green products.

For more information on Eco Choice Aotearoa licensing, head to the Eco Choice website to find out more.

“Don’t just talk Green. Be Green.”

The Facts About Green

Does "Green" Cost More?

As demand and production of “greener” raw materials increases, price should correspondingly fall. This trend is already occuring although generally pricing is still higher than some traditionally sourced raw materials.

How Safe Are They Really? Are They Biodegradable?

Big steps have been made in recent times to analyse and document standards of biodegradability and in-use safety levels. 

Always ask for which safety or biodegradable standards are being referred to with any manufacturer or distributor claims. Remember, it is not just the product that needs to be considered; Safety and inuse education for the user are vital to ensure low cost-per-clean are maintained, are undertaken in a safe, waste minimised and effective manner.

What Is Sustainability?

This is a pattern of development that aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment - or, producing so that needs can be met on an ongoing basis - not at the cost of the resource base available. Petrochemically sourced raw materials, for example, are not currently considered sustainable. 

The key here is to make sure that sustainable sources (such as palm oil) are not promoted at the expense or the detriment of other environmental aspects, such as wildlife, natural flora and fauna, and the general livelihood of the local population.

Where Are The Published Standards?

Always look for published and transparent standards.

It is not enough for business to produce a friendly looking logo; they must produce clearly stated standards, measures and references.

Reduce / Re-use / Recycle

These all have obvious benefits and should always be considered with the cleaning program - as long as their introduction does not limit or increase environmental impact or unduly increase staff input or reduce staff safety, as a consequence.

Green cleaning is a path, not a destination. Start taking the journey.

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