From site training, Safety & Awareness programmes to online e-Learning modules, we take chemical training and education very seriously. Safety of all staff when creating, managing, manufacturing, transporting, storing, and using products is paramount and with the help of The Kemsol Team we can assist with understanding both the harm that can be caused by the hazardous substances they use and how they can protect themselves.

Our team are expertly trained in getting the right advice to those that need it most, and have developed a Safety & Awareness program integrating compliance with common sense. Talk to us about how we can help your performance in this area.

Learn more about how we can help you below:


From tools and training to help you navigate through Health and Safety requirements, finding equipment appropriate to your individual requirements, or searching for the most cost effective solution for your business, your local Kemsol representative can give you the best advice for your needs.

Online e-Learning

Whether you are a seasoned pro in the cleaning industry or a total newbie, there is always something to learn from our comprehensive training programs. Now hosted on our brand new digital resource centre - Media Hub, you can always keep up to date with a new module from your PC or your smartphone!

Support Material

Kemsol offers a variety of tools to help identify and understand your work-related health and safety risks, and manage compliance under Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA). From wall charts to compliant labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Kemsol handles all the support material you'll need to maintain a safer workplace.

Video Tutorials

Got a question or need a bit of visual help with equipment? Check out our helpful tutorial videos. From how to safely decant product from a 5 litre jerry can into a 1 litre applicator bottle, to quick guides to a better laundry clean, Kemsol has a variety of tutorials to help you and your staff get underway.


We have been in this game for a long time and can answer most questions with just a simple phone call. But if you're after some quick answers, check out some of the more common questions asked in our FAQ’s. If you still can’t find the answer that you’re after there, then feel free to contact us

Field Assistance & Reporting

Find out how regular servicing from your dedicated Account Manager ensures equipment works correctly and that correct processes are being adhered to. Extensive service reports can help highlight any issues and concerns addressed and any future requirements.

Helpful Guides

Kemsol strictly maintains high standards in compliancy, Health & Safety and chemical training. Part of this includes cooperating with MPI and keeping up-to-date with HSNO standards. Here is a list of helpful guides to understanding the Hazardous Goods classifications, MPI classifications and more.

Dilution Rate Chart

What's the dilution of a 3% solution for a 1 litre applicator bottle? Calculating dilution ratios can be a bit of a mission sometimes, so Kemsol has a handy Dilution Rate Chart to help you calculate your desired dilution rate from the percentages and ratios of your solutions. 

Equipment, Applicators & Accessories

Kemsol has a wide selection of dilution control and dispensing equipment from the world’s leading suppliers including Hydro, Dema, SEKO and Knight, plus support accessories with great durability and ease of use for that perfect cleaning setup, with that ideal balance of better chemical safety and economy of use.

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