Environmental Statement

Environmental Responsibilities ECNZ

Our goals are to:

Release no gases, water or environmental pollutants from manufacturing processes
Formulate and produce products based on raw materials derived from sustainable sources
Reduce water consumption by utilising captured rainwate
Recycle as much as possible from manufacturing processes
Reduce waste to landfill
Optimise energy consumption

Through our activities, products and processes, we have many impacts on the environment.

One of our core business values is to minimise impacts and continually improve our environmental performance.

Environmental Initiatives

Manufacturing Operations

Kemsol was the first chemical manufacturing plant in New Zealand to achieve Test Location Certification under the HSNO Act. The current office, warehouse and manufacturing plant has been designed to further minimise potential environmental risks.


Our team is always continually upgrade processes and systems to reduce and recycle waste water, and minimise electricity usage. The latest initiative is the commissioning of larger liquid blending and powder mixing facilities that are energy efficient and reduce waste water. Approximately 40% of all production water is from rain water, collected on site.


Our policy commits to developing products that work efficiently and offer minimal risks to end users, staff and the environment. Products are based on raw materials from sustainable sources, such as surfactants derived from coconut oil and corn syrup.


Overseas studies show leading environmental impacts from cleaning products are not from raw materials, but from landfill waste generated from packaging. We focus considerable effort on reducing landfill impacts from our packaging.

Packaging Initiatives include, but are not limited to:

  • Finished product packaging being reusable and recyclable
  • Raw material steel drums being recycled
  • Utilising non-permanent adhesive labels
  • Sourcing packaging from recycling programs, where possible
  • Recycled shipping pallets, and ensuring all pallets are re-used
  • An extensive range of concentrated and ultra-concentrate product

This is only a start. We continually strive for better environmental performance.

Find out more about Kemsol Green, our specialty in-house range of environmentally responsible green cleaning products that embody this goal:

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