Contract Manufacturing

“Specialist formulation through to branding, packing, marketing and sales support"

Kemsol's parent company, Chemical Solutions Ltd specialises in contract manufacturing and dedicates significant resource to research and development for all current brand products and associated new product formulations. Our flexibility and commitment is shown in an expanding number of Brand Partner and contract manufacturing programs.

We can contract manufacture to your specification with existing or new product formulations.  Our contract services include bulk supply, to a fully integrated packaging, branding, labelling, packing, marketing, sales training and support programs.

The key to our partnering strategy is our ability to consult and communicate well at all business levels and provide expert advice to business units based on a keen understanding of tactics to achieve commercial success. Balancing and adapting strategy and being “tuned-in” to changing partner strategies and an expanding number of technical and non-technical stakeholders is a challenge we pride ourselves on.

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Custom Formulations

We have a formulation catalogue of over 600 formulations, ranging from Industrial and institutional cleaners, in laundry, hand care, floor care, industrial cleaners and a wide range of specialty chemicals. With an R&D laboratory that can develop your ideas into fully functional products, we also have the ability to produce 'Green' products to meet Environmental Choice standards.

Marketing Support

We have been manufacturing and marketing chemical products for over 20 years, which means from product information sheets, product guides and marketing flyers, all you need to do is simply talk to our marketing team about the best way to get your products to market and we can go ahead and make it happen for you!

Product Branding

Good branding is an important part of the marketing mix. However, achieving a flash product brand design that is compliant with NZ legislation can be a challenge. So with the complexities of HSNO requirements, MPI statements and technical information, we can help you through the red tape and give you a great looking and compliant product.

Production & Packing

Our current manufacturing plant can produce 200,000 kgs per week in batch sizes from 10,000 litres to 200 litres. Product can be supplied in tanker loads down to 50ml bottles. We have access to an extensive range of packaging via our supplier network and can help you source the right packaging for your product, down to equipment and accessories.

For more information on what other services we can provide for you, head over to our corporate parent company website.

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