Perfumed Flowing Hand Soap
FOAM-SOAP is a ready-to-use and fragranced foam soap hand cleaner. Suitable for high-use washroom hand cleaning environments.

One of the major benefits with the Kemsol Foam Soap system is the dosage rate: 0.2 ml per plunge. This means operators have the cost effectiveness of an effective hand cleaner, with the flexibility to increase dosage (press) rates for higher cleaning demands. Contains antimicrobial agents, and is simple and easy to use through the Kemsol foamsoap dispenser. Bulk fill for extra economy.


  • Appearance: Clear blue liquid
  • Fragrance:Forest fresh
  • Strength: n/a
  • Specific gravity: 1.03
  • pH: 7.0 (100%)
  • Microcide: Benzethonium chloride


  • Hand washing
  • High use washroom environments

Product Sizes

5l 20l