Clean / Sanitise / Spray Buff
K-CLEAN is a multi-purpose cleaner and sanitiser suitable on a wide variety of modern hard surfaces for cleaning, sanitising and maintaining lustre and vitality of polished floors. Suitable for use on all hard surfaces this unique formulation is ideal for polished floors.

The free-rinsing formulation gives a streak free result. As part of the KEMSOL Floor Care System it is excellent to clean and maintain K-Gloss. It gives brilliant results on polished wood floors and its Wild Forest fragrance is very popular.



  • Appearance: Clear red liquid
  • Fragrance: Wild forest
  • Specific gravity: 1.00
  • pH: 10 to 11 (100%)
  • Microcide: 100ppm ADBAC (@1% soln)


  • Polished floor surface maintaining
  • Janitorial cleaning
  • Disinfectant

Product Sizes

1l app spray 5l 20l 200l drum