Food Processing

“Improving cleaning, sanitising and food safety standards in NZ makes a huge contribution to our economy”

Modern food operations demand not only the very best cleaning and sanitising program results from an extensive range of MPI (formally NZFSA) Approved products but a partner who understands the host of additional processes that impact on the cleaning program.

Kemsol’s aim is to add-value with advice, application equipment and technical expertise as part of a food safety plan ensuring low costs-in-use, optimum results, and cutting edge staff safety training and awareness programs.

Our food specialists also assist businesses wishing to reduce their environmental impact with a practical approach to sustainability programs including reusing or recycling key packaging components.


Low Foam Cleaner

Big Kong

Engine Degreaser


Biological Wastewater & Grease Trap Treatment


Glass Cleaner


Natural Abrasive Cream Cleanser

Blue Quell

Portable Toilet Chemical Concentrate

Blue Strike

Laundry Powder

Bowl Patrol

Toilet Cleaner / Disinfects / Deodorises

Bright Wash

Non-Caustic Auto Dish & Glass Washing Liquid

Carpet Spotter

Stain Remover

Cherry Bombs

Urinal Deodourising & Sanitising Blocks


High Strength Sanitiser

CIP 247

Liquid Caustic Cleaner & Chlorine Sanitiser

Citrus Blast

Citrus Based Solvent Cleaner