Multi Purpose

“Geez...this stuff works well!”  

Due to the specific nature water conditions in different parts of the country, and the vast nature of soiling levels and types, the need exists for a corresponding selection of multipurpose products. Kemsol has developed a product range here to take care of the special needs for all of New Zealand. Give yourself a “check-up” today and ask us what we think you could be doing better. Whether it is compliance or improve the results and safety with your cleaning program, Kemsol knows what it takes...


Multipurpose Cleaning Powder

Alka 600

Heavy Duty Alkaline Detergent

Citrus Kleen

Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner Sanitiser

Express S.R.

Heavy Duty Cleaner


Thickened Bleach


Clean / Sanitise / Spray Buff

Oil Clean WB

Waterbased Cleaner/Degreaser


Deodoriser / Re-oderiser / Sanitiser / Cleaner

Proton CIP

Alkaline Detergent for CIP

Red Rhino

Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser


Cutlery Soak / Sanitiser

Super Clean

Multipurpose Cleaner
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