Ultra Concentrates

“Safety and costs-in-use are paramount!”

Some operators have very limited storage space, have specific health and safety and price point considerations. The Kemsol Ultra Concentrate range is up for the challenge! Specifically for hospitality and janitorial applications the handy 2LTR Ultra Concentrate packs are making a real name for themselves. Ask us whether these are right for you.

Fast Fleet

Concentrated fleet cleaning agent

K1 Glass

Windows / Mirrors / Glass Surfaces

K2 Multi-Surface

Benches / Walls / Floors

K3 Pot & Pan

Glasses / Utensils / Crockery / Pots & Pans

K4 Sanitiser

Food Contact Surfaces / No-Rinse Sanitiser

K5 Toilet

Cleans / Sanitisers / Deodorises

K6 Deodoriser

Deodorises / Re-odorises / Fresh Fragrance

K7 Disinfectant

Benches / Walls / Floors

K8 Neutral Cleaner

Neutral UC Cleaner


Cleaner Disinfectant