Washroom Hygiene

“Do I really want to wash my hands here?”

Hand hygiene has been identified as central to minimising cross contamination and health risks. Clean bathrooms, in particular the key touch-points for users is a key focus for the Kemsol teams. Speak to us today about how your program stacks up!


Shower and Tile De-scaling Cleaner

Cherry Bombs

Urinal Deodourising & Sanitising Blocks

Foam Hands

No-Rinse Foaming Hand Sanitiser


Thickened Bleach

Haze Off

Shower water mark remover

K7 Disinfectant

Benches / Walls / Floors


Sanitising Hand Gel

Red Dog

Hard Water Stain Remover

Shower Power

Bathroom Cleaner

Spring Fresh


Sweet Lu

Automatic Toilet Cleaner


Heavy Duty Hand Gel - Contains Grit
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