Hotel / Motel

“Is my room hygienic and clean? Do I feel comfortable here? Does the environment feel pleasant?”

The key task is to look after existing customers and keep first-time customers. Clients observe a large number of cues and clues from the moment they arrive, to when they leave... is critical to ensure the key customer touch points are up to scratch.

Kemsol’s goal with hotel and motel cleaning is to audit and enhance each touch-point the cleaning and hygiene function has in this process…. Ask us how you can better enhance your client’s experience today….We are specialists in assisting develop sustainable and Environmental Choice programs.


Concentrated Laundry Powder


Commercial Strength Deodorising Agent

Anti-Bac Foam

Antimicrobial Foaming Hand Soap


Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent


Shower and Tile De-scaling Cleaner


Active Bacterial Cleaning Agent


Low Foam Cleaner


Biological Wastewater & Grease Trap Treatment


Glass Cleaner


Natural Abrasive Cream Cleanser

Blue Strike

Laundry Powder

Bowl Patrol

Toilet Cleaner / Disinfects / Deodorises

Bright Wash

Non-Caustic Auto Dish & Glass Washing Liquid

Cherry Bombs

Urinal Deodourising & Sanitising Blocks

Citrus Kleen

Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner Sanitiser
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