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Kemsol Celebrates 25 Years

21st Mar 2017, 11:42am
As part of Kemsol's Silver Anniversary (25 Year) celebrations, Chemical Solutions Ltd hosted a lawn bowls tournament at the local Mangere Bridge Bowls Club...

Round The Bays 2017 with Team Kemsol

9th Mar 2017, 8:49am
It was time again this year for the Kemsol Social Club team to participate in the annual 8.4km Ports of Auckland Round The Bays fun run and this year was no exception!

$39,000 Fine For Cleaning Company Due to Toxic Discharge

3rd Mar 2017, 8:40am
The following article shows the direct consequences of unsafe chemical management, and contains a harsh lesson from which all chemical users should learn.

About Enzyme Technology - Active Bacteria Systems

7th Oct 2016, 12:58pm
Recently commercially available bacteria-based products are becoming more and more useful for aiding in commercial food waste processing (commercial kitchen/restaurant grease converters) and water treatment (industrial and rural sediment settling and water treatment ponds)...

Sales Manager Settling In

4th Oct 2016, 3:22pm
Have you met Peter? Peter Farrell is our Sales Manager Star and he’s been with us since the beginning of the year and comes armed with a wealth of experience...
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