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Enough Plastic To Line Worlds Beaches

26th Feb 2015, 11:16am
Plastic recycling is becoming more and more of a factor in our industry and many others, as part of what we can be doing from a sustainability standpoint to play our part in reducing the amount of plastic ending up in our oceans.

Phones Carry Personal Germ Stamp

19th Nov 2014, 3:45pm
A new study by US researchers has found that many of the personally unique bacteria found on our hands can also be found on our smartphones.

Virus Transfers Within The Office

15th Sep 2014, 10:48am
A team led by microbiologist Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona, has revealed in a recent study that a virus can spread around a whole building within two hours of coming into contact with just one surface.

Fist Bump Cleaner Than Handshake

26th Aug 2014, 1:06pm
A resent study has revealed that the traditional greeting of a handshake can facilitate the transfer of a high dose of bugs!

Kemsol Goes Tropical!

14th Jul 2014, 3:59pm
We have been supplying to international markets for some time now, but this is our first ‘Rolling Billboard’!