About Enzyme Technology - Active Bacteria Systems

7th Oct 2016

Recently commercially available bacteria-based products are becoming more and more useful for aiding in commercial food waste processing (commercial kitchen/restaurant grease converters) and water treatment (industrial and rural sediment settling and water treatment ponds). The bacteria (and associated enzymatic activity) are instrumental in breaking down animal and food waste, with septic tanks and municipal water treatment stations being some of the best examples of just how incredible bacteria are in the breakdown of organic (and some inorganic) waste. 

Also in the US there was some progress made in the research on use of similar / safe bacteria in drain treatment-specific issues such as in urinal drainage. Different strains were tested to destroy undesired bacteria feeding off uric acid by introducing "good" bacteria that beat the unsavoury bacteria to the food source.

Progressive trials that tested this theory also showed this approach to be successful for other applications, in which the same method of introducing "good" bacteria to consume the food source - essentially starving the "bad" bacteria - has been shown to successfully eliminate odours. However, this is more in part to do with fragrance, and the ability to rid the area of bacteria, rather than directly affecting the odour molecules.

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