Cleaning Chemicals in MPI & Non-MPI Food Operations Environments

19th Sep 2018

The Food Act 2014’s requirements for surfaces that come in contact with food are that these surfaces must be cleaned and sanitised. Environmental Health Officers and MPI Auditors can do site audits in which they check how operators and staff are using cleaning chemicals, with a focus on sanitisers and their knowledge in areas such as:

•    dilution requirements for different applications
•    contact times for product to be left on surface
•    rinse off with water, wipe off with paper towel / clean cloth or leave
     on to evaporate requirements
•    product shelf life once diluted into the application bottle
•    frequency of use

While we have started implementing Good Practice in sections on our labels that cover factors concerning product effectiveness, i.e. dilution ratios and contact time, we are also aiming to clarify all aspects of labelling that are directly specified in the Act in order to assist with the increasing frequency of questions about managing MPI and non-MPI* food operations.


MPI Approved C41

MPI Approved C43


Express Sani (QUAT-based) and Steri-Dry (alcohol-based) are two sanitisers in the Kemsol product range for which we have updated the labels to better reflect the directions for MPI as well as non-MPI food operations and have also passed the MPI approval. We are currently in the process of updating other relevant labels as well.

*Note that MOST small customers (such as restaurants/fast food/butchers/cafes/bars/lunch bars) fall under the Non-MPI requirement (under the Food Act 2014).

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