Environmental Statement

Through our activities, products and processes, we have many impacts on the environment. One of our core business values is to minimize these impacts. We are committed to continuous improvement in our environmental performance, and have established a number of goals and initiatives that we continue to implement to achieve this objective.

Our goals are to:

  • Release no air, water or environmental pollutants from our manufacturing process.
  • Formulate and produce products based on raw materials derived from sustainable sources.
  • Reduce the use of water and to recycle as much as possible from our manufacturing process, and energy used in our operations.
  • Reduce waste to landfill.

Environmental initiatives currently in place at Chemical Solutions:

  • Manufacturing Operations

    Our new Airport Oaks plant was commissioned in June 2004 and was the first chemical manufacturing plant in New Zealand to achieve Test Location Certification under the HSNO Act.  We work closely with local authorities such as Watercare Services Ltd to meet strict compliance requirements. Our office, warehouse and manufacturing plant has also been designed to minimise potential environmental risks.

  • Resources

    Our manufacturing operation is continually upgrading processes and systems to reduce and recycle waste water, and to minimize electricity usage. Our  latest initiative is the commissioning of larger liquid blending and powder mixing facilities  that are energy efficient and will reduce waste water requirements.

  • Formulations

    We have always had a policy of formulating products that will not only work efficiently in the market place, but offer minimal risks to end users, staff and the environment. In today’s climate, most raw materials available to formulators are biodegradable. The next challenge is to develop products based on  raw materials from sustainable sources, such as surfactants derived from coconut oil, palm oil and sugar cane.

  • Packaging

    Overseas studies show leading environmental impacts from cleaning products are not from raw materials, but from landfill waste generated from packaging. We focus considerable effort on reducing landfill impacts from our packaging. Initiatives we have introduced include:

    • Finished product packaging is reusable or recyclable.
    • Finished product 200 litre plastic drums are sourced from a recycling program.
    • Raw material steel drums are recycled.
    • Labeling uses non-permanent adhesives for easy removal.
    • Only recycled shipping pallets are utlilised.
    • Encouraging customers to purchase in “bulk” containers.
    • Developing an extensive range of concentrates and “ultra’ concentrate products.

This is only a start. We will be continually striving to better our environmental performance.