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Reload a ROCK-IT Dispenser

See how easy it is to reload a ROCK-IT heavy duty dispenser.

ROCK-IT Hand Cleaner

See ROCK-IT heavy duty hand cleaner in action.

Refill DC800 Hand Soap Dispenser

See how easy it is to refill a DC800 hand soap dispenser.

Decanting from a 5 litre container

Learn how to decant KEMSOL cleaning products from a 5 litre container into a 1 litre bottle.

Laundry Quick Tips

A simple guide to achieving great laundry results

DC800 Troubleshooting

A quick and easy demonstration of how to clear common issues when a DC800 dispenser appears to not be working.

Replacing Squeeze Tubes Tutorial

A step-by-step guide on replacing squeeze tubes of SEKO and Knight laundry units.