With the country having made a move down to Level 3 on 27 April there has been some questions popping up about how cleaning methods change with that move.

Simply put…… they don’t.

Cleaning and sanitising is the promotion of hygiene and prevention of disease by maintenance of clean conditions. So, whether it’s Covid-19, bird flu, salmonella or a myriad of other diseases that can be obtained from contact with dirty surfaces, the process doesn’t change. The base line of clean doesn’t change. Whether it is your business or home, a bathroom or kitchen, the goal is always the same; to remove not just the appearance of dirt and grime, so that it looks good, but also any invisible to the eye bacteria which may cause you, customers, or friends & whanau illness. If anything, the spread of the Coronavirus only put an emphasis on the standards.

Here are the top five most mentioned disinfecting tips to prevent illnesses in food service, hospitality and retail businesses.

  1. Proper personal hygiene, including frequent hand and arm washing and covering cuts
  2. Proper cleaning and sanitising of all food contact surfaces and utensils
  3. Proper cleaning and sanitising of food equipment
  4. Proper cleaning and sanitising of high contact surfaces and bathrooms
  5. Food storage for the proper time and at safe temperatures

At Chemical Solutions our goal is to balance the use of heavy-duty and concentrated products with the environmental aims such as keeping staff safe, efficient use of water, energy and packaging and making sure equipment & factory machinery is kept in clean good working order. Our products feature Good Practice statements on labels. These statements outline accepted international protocol for product dilution rates and contact times to provide for bacteria and pathogenic control. We also provide wall charts customized for the products you are using. 

Right products coupled with the right advice is not always easy to come by; getting it wrong can be very costly. If you have any questions regarding your specific product from one of our brands check in with your Kemsol representative. Or if you’re interested in what we can do for you schedule a free no-obligation 1-hour consultation. Just visit chemicalsolutions.co.nz