Add summer cleaning to your list of things to do at this time of the year!

While we know BBQs, beaches, boats, fishing, and roadies may be top of mind these days, the warm and sunny weather makes it a great time to tackle some of the bigger cleaning jobs you’ve been putting off.

We’re here to help make the whole process as easy as possible for you.

Read on for the areas we recommend you clean this summer, along with some tips and products to keep things easy as.

Deck Cleaning

Summer is a great time for enhancing the condition of your deck after a damp and cold winter.

Sunnier weather helps to ensure cleaning solutions get time to work without being washed away.

Agent Oxy

A multi-purpose cleaning powder that rejuvenates wooden decks and other exterior surfaces.

Simply create a bucket of solution, scrub, rinse, and dry.

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Winter Bedding and Curtains

Sunny days make for great laundry drying conditions.

This is an especially great time to wash the winter bedding, curtains, and other thick textiles that require warm conditions to dry properly.

Our Kemsol Textile Care range has various options to suit your laundry washing needs, but here are a few products we especially recommend for handling winter bedding and curtains.


An oxygen-releasing laundry agent, Rejuvenate is excellent for removing stains and odours.

Additionally, it’s safe to use on dye-fast coloured materials.

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Recently reformulated, Kemsol’s Enzy-Boost is a fully built, antibacterial, bio-enzymatic laundry detergent with oxygen bleach for extra power on laundry linen.

It effectively kills bacteria such as P.aeruginosa and E.coli.

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Summer weather makes it a lot more appealing to open doors, open windows, and let your rooms breathe in some fresh air.

This also means faster drying times when washing your carpets.

Quicker and more thorough drying will also minimise lingering dampness and help to prevent mould and mildew.

Carpet Spotter

Prior to shampooing, a carpet spotter can work on individual stains to enhance the overall finish.

Kemsol Carpet Spotter works well on food, oil, fats, and general soiling.

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A concentrated carpet shampoo, it features a low-foam formulation that provides excellent cleaning results.

It has low cost-in-use and is usable in both hot and cold water.

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General Exterior

Finally, summer is a great time for washing general exterior areas.

Warm weather and fewer rainy days mean there’s less to get in the way of your outdoor plans.

Walls, windows, roofs, gutters, and driveways are all fair game during this summer cleaning season.


This universal, concentrated, non-caustic cleaner is great for a wide range of applications.

Simply dilute and apply.

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